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Marabou Leech


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#1 lpette


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Posted 26 June 2015 - 07:38 PM

I love catching trout on dries but have learned that conditions may not always be right for that type of fishing. Too many times I just didn't fish due to high off color water when I could have fished and caught something.


I really don't like nymphing (third choice, just not good at it) either and hate bringing a 6wt with sinking lines just to cast a streamer so I came up with this....


This is a small weighted streamer you can cast with a 4wt or 5wt  if you lob it a bit. It is nothing new and some might say it is pretty close to a Wolley Bugger but it is easier to tie and I think it works better. Short strips in high or off color water have saved the day for me many times and I have caught some nice small mouth on it as well.


I use it on a 1x-2x tippet in varying lengths, depending on the water depth.


Hook-size 6 or 8 streamer hook Lead- wrapped 1/3 to eye

Tail and body- one marabou feather and a few strands of crystal flash

Rib- none or silver tinsel

Wing- Tip of marabou feather

Head- copper or black bead

Thread- Black flat waxed or preferred


You use one marabou feather to make the tail and body. Just tie in the feather so the tips are the tail and wrap the feather(after twisting a bit) around the hook to make the body.


Use less flash for clear water, and it seems the black works best in chalky water and as its getting dark.






#2 catskilljohn


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Posted 27 June 2015 - 12:05 AM

Flies like that have saved the day for many a dry fly guy I bet! Nice work again man.

I have a friend who takes all the fish he wants with a similar pattern...fished deep and slow. CJ

#3 jjold17


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Posted 27 June 2015 - 01:09 AM

I remember using lots of wooly bugs looking like those leech patterns and they brought me in huge wild browns under darkness,, only time using my head lamp was walking in dark or netting the fish. I would blind cast in familiar stretches, usually the faster water just above the deep pools. I remember having great success using #6 white zonkers. These were the years before king closed that stretch on EB..use to park there and walk out off the point at night under a moon or star night,, didn't much matter, those fish were there.. the white zonker worked as well as those leech/woolybug patterns. I would toss as far up stream as my FF line either a 4 or 5 wt rod  3X 3ft tippet off short leader. I miss doing that.. I must try nighttime streamers again this summer. There are stillgreat access points.. I lost a few access points along the EB but there are still sections I like to fish during summertime at night with these patterns.

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