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In Topic: Fly Fest 2018

21 January 2018 - 11:14 PM

Less than 2 weeks till Fly Fest!!

As I said before, there are no obligations implied by signing up for Fly Fest, but it's nice to know how many tables and chairs to have set up in advance!

Here is the list so far. If you don't see your name or the name of someone you know is planning to be there, let me know ! icon_e_biggrin.gif 

Ed Ostapczuk (Epeorus) (Esopus Ed)
Tim Didas (SgtMgrUSMC)
Chuck Coronado (Barleywine)
John Kavanaugh (Flymank)
Jim Green
Jeremy Bristol
MJ Coloney (2)
Dana Reed
Jeff and Erin Phelan
Jeff Foster (Reelcatskills)
Brian Foster (Reelcatskills)
John Warakomski (JW Trout)
John LoSapio
Eric Naguski (riseformsff)
Jim Cannon
Matt Beers (catskill_flyfisher)
Big Ed (nytrouthunter84)
Shorty Barholomew
Beau Zenarros
Rhienhart Nutto
Richard Outridge
Frank Ketcham
Jason Ketcham
Jim Slade
Mj Donnelly
Joe Czinsta (JoeCz)
Flying Moose
Joe Rist
Amie Snuggs-Wargo
John Kania
Frank Payne
Kelly Horton
Nick and Samantha Mango 
John Bonasera (catskilljohn)
Rick, Sara and Jilly Fischer (quadfish and the gals)

See you there, it's always a blast!!

-Rick icon_e_biggrin.gif

In Topic: Fly Fest 2017 Announcement

01 February 2017 - 12:46 AM

One last final ultimate Fly Fest 2017 plug.........  and then that's it!!  
The weatherman looks like he wants to cooperate.  It's going to be cold, but no snow expected!!  Let's keep our fingers crossed just the same!!
Agnes is warming up the oven and the coffee pot and the Wulff Gallery is the place to be this coming Saturday!!!
We expect to see a whole lot of familiar faces and a whole lot of new faces.  That's what makes the day so great!!  All ages are welcome and encouraged too!!!
One final mention, as per our sponsor Catskill Flies, if the weather does somehow turn out to be nasty, there is a possibility of cancellation.  However, that is the only reason for a cancellation!!  So, if you have any questions, stay tuned here on Friday evening/ Saturday morning.  Notification will be available here...
Thank you, hope to see you Saturday and drive safely, Rick  

In Topic: Fly Fest 2017 Announcement

22 January 2017 - 04:22 PM

With only 2 weeks remaining until Fly Fest, I just want to say enthusiasm seems to be building to a feverish pitch!!
It should be close to a full house, not quite full because, unfortunately some cannot make it...
Looking forward to seeing everybody there and continue to spread the word, I'm sure we can make room for more!!  
-Rick :D