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In Topic: Must have flies for April Thru June?

10 March 2017 - 05:24 PM

Thanks all!


And yes Alex I plan on tying up a bunch of the cdc and elk, along with a bunch of "usual's" in several sizes/colors.  


I've tied a bunch of spinners, yet have never caught a fish on them.  To be honest I haven't used them much as I havent witnessed and true "spinner falls". 


Regarding Chimarra, I have to assume I should have some larva with me?

In Topic: Skunked on the Upper WB Delaware 8/8

18 August 2016 - 07:49 PM

I've been skunked my last two (which have been my first two) trips to the WB in the last 3 weeks.  Two full days - only one break off up in stilesville on a sulphur cripple.  Seems like lots of other folks do much better.  Hoping the 3rd trips a charm.  I know its hot and the fish are spooky and selective this time of year... but man its been frustrating.  Especially the last day up which was full on sun and hot.  Not much activity at all.  


Think I need to work on my technique a bit.


PS - Pretty sure these fish aren't "stressed" in the temperature sense.  The one rainy day up there that I got drenched I am pretty sure I was hypothermic from standing in the 46 degree water in wet waders.