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#31574 Willow/Beaverkill -9/12/17

Posted by ews on 14 September 2017 - 12:42 AM

Thanks. That's good to know.The riffles were loaded with them all around the same size with thick bodies like the Delaware rainbows.

#31433 Willow. -5/1/2017

Posted by ews on 02 May 2017 - 12:55 PM

Late start,didn't start till 1:30 and caught the tail end of very good black caddis activity.Cloudy but comfortable. Not much doing until around 4 a few fish sporadically rising with a few Hendricksons ,blue quills Baetis and caddis around. Managed to catch a few ona black iris caddis and a Hendrickson spinner.Best fish was an 18" brown. Fished until showers started at 8. Not much doing in the evening,hendrickson spinners were in the air,but I don't think they ever hit the water. Interesting day non the less

#31420 Willow/Beaverkill- Wednesday-4/26

Posted by ews on 28 April 2017 - 01:48 PM

Cloudy but comfortable day-air temps mid 60s water temps around 55 .Started on the Willow,couldn't resist stockers rising at Hazel at 10:30 good bug activity with chimera caddis,black stones and some blue quills. Fished a # 16 black iris caddis which worked well. Moved around Willow and Beaverkil,not much happening. Drove by Cairns at 3,some Hendrickson,Blue Quills ,caddis and rising fish. Unfortunately most were on the far side and I reachable,but good to see.Did encounter a sparse Hendrickson spinner fall around seven( air temps had reached 68) and managed to land two nice browns.All and all a fun day

#31102 WB/EB - 7/19/2016

Posted by ews on 21 July 2016 - 02:18 AM

Started at sewage treatment plant in Deposit at 12:30. Gusty wind,air temp 70,partly cloudy. Sulphurs #18/#20 ,wind would blow them off the water,no real surface activity and the slop,though not to heavy,made subsurface pain. Left at 4 for upper EB,nothing happening until 8:30. Managed a few small fish on a #18 sulpher emerger and a 15" brown just at dark.

#31042 Willow - Wednesday-6/29

Posted by ews on 01 July 2016 - 10:58 PM

Intented to go to the WB,but the heavy t-storms turned it to high to fish and murky ,but raised and brought water temps down on the Willow. It was mostly cloudy and Water temps during the day stayed below 67. Water was discolored in the deeper sections,but fish able. Caught quite a few stockers on a small #20 brown beetle and a black ant. At dark-8:45,some larger fish started working in the riffles and a few Potamantus came off. Caught three nice 14"/15" Browns on a sulpher emerger(anticipated a hatch that didn't materialize) and a golden drake sparkle dun. A fun day. Hopefully Friday's rain will keep water temps down for the weekend

#31006 Father's Day Weekend Report.

Posted by ews on 24 June 2016 - 01:44 AM

Beautiful pics,looks like a great day. Nothing better than fishing with your son ,daughter or grandchild

#30971 Willow 6/14/2016

Posted by ews on 15 June 2016 - 04:10 PM

Warm ,bright sunny day.Water temps good. Lots of midges hatching on the Willow in the morning until noon.Stockers were working to them,tried a myriad of midge patterns(kimball emergers,wmd's,zebra midge dropper ,Griffith gnat,) Quite a few looks ,follows and some "short risers", but only a few takers.Also caught several stockers on an inch worm.Nothing happening in the afternoon,tried an Iso nymph on the Beaverkill. In the riffles,no action. Returned to the Willow for the evening,same activity as the A.M. Until 9, then some of the better fish were working in the riffles.Caught two in the 16"/17" range and a couple smaller fish on a #16 rusty spinner and a sulpher emerger( but I didn't see any sulphurs hatching. Left the water at 9:30. Had a great time.

#30886 Catskills report 6/2/2016

Posted by ews on 03 June 2016 - 05:38 PM

Another very warm day. Started at the Willow at 9:00 ,water temp 62,air temp 65, bright sun. Rivers very low and warming up fast. Water temp was 68 by 11:00,so we left and moved to the West Branch. Did not see anything happening on the Willow,should have got there earlier,but coming out of North Jersey tough to do. A fair amount of slime on the WB even with increased releases,checked access areas around Deposit and fished around Shehawken,nothing doing ,probably to bright. Hit the EB around 4, water temp 65 caught the tail end of the Green Drakes with some duns sporadically hatching and some Coffin flies.Also a few sulphurs.Enough bugs to bring some fish up,but not epic hatches. Landed 3 Browns on a Green Drake emerger,one about 8 " one about 14" and a 16" er. Tried a Green Drake wiggle nymph,but no takers. (Not enough wiggle?) Left the river at 9:15 so not sure if the Coffins also came down later.Always fun and always interesting.

#30819 Willow/Beaverkill-5/23

Posted by ews on 24 May 2016 - 01:41 PM

Great to see some rising trout after a slow period. Partly cloudy and Warm-75,water temps -60, A # 16 Rusty Spinner and a#16 floating sulphur nymph generally seemed to work best in late morning/early afternoon if fish were working.Tried nymphing with a march brown and iso when no trout were active-no luck.Around 8 pm saw sparse sulphur activity on the Willow,and took fish on a sulpher emerger. All in all a fun day,landed 8 or 9 ,some stockers a several in the 14"to16" range. Didn't see many March Browns and best activity was on the Willow.

#30758 Beaverkill/Willow/EB- 5/17/2016

Posted by ews on 18 May 2016 - 01:31 PM

Cold,cloudy,a little drizzle--- sounds like great Baetis weather. Can' t prove it by me. Air temp 55, water 50,no much doing. Nymphed with March brown and tan caddis pupa,saw some one time risers but very few bugs.Went to upper East Branch- a few Baetis and March Browns . My son in law caught a "15 brown on an 18 BWO dry and on the Willow a 16" brown on a March brown nymph fish just sub surface. Left at 8:15 just as the clouds were breaking up.

#30718 Fishing report. May 11, 2016 Beaverkil,Willow and East Branch

Posted by ews on 12 May 2016 - 04:49 PM

Not much doing on the Beaverkill and Willow. Started below Horton,CFS at 610,AM water temp 52, bright and sunny( never good) air temps warmed up to 70. Tried nymphing with a March Brown and caddis pupa,no luck. Bounced around ,didn't see much activity,probably in the traditional lull period before the "big bugs" get going. Went over to the upper East Branch.There were fish rising sporadically,some were cruising and appeared to be taking March Browns.Did also see some sparse Blue Quills,several different caddis and went it got a little cloudy some #20 or 22 Baetis. Wasn't able to get any fish interested in my flies, but still an educational day on the river

#28680 Beaverkill,East Branch,Willow. 5/7/13

Posted by ews on 08 May 2013 - 04:48 PM

Bounced around the Beaverkill and East Branch from 10 till 4. A bright sunny ,hot day,nothing happening. No bugs,didn't spot a fish. My friend and I nymphed and tried ants,apple caddis and stared at the water a lot.Went to the Willow at 4 ,now a mix of sun and clouds a little cooler. Some caddis bouncing around and a few fish starting to work. Landed four browns 15 to 17 inches on a size 18 spent caddis with a greenish charcoal body. Missed a couple of other fish(LDR). Caddis started coming over the water again at around 7 with Hendrickson spinners mixed in,the fish were on the spinners for about a half hour.Landed 3 browns 14 and 15 inches and broke off a fish and missed a few hits.Stopped fishing at 8. Also saw a few blue quills ans a few Hendrickson duns very late in the day. All in all a great ending to another nice day in the Catskills.