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In Topic: To nymph or not to nymph?

10 May 2010 - 06:14 AM

Interesting topic here. Last year I was fishing the Beaverkill (dry fly) There were about 6 or 8 of us casting to rising fish. Some of these guys were good and I mean really good casters. They were throwing tight loops 70-80 ft and coming up blank. I can't really cast that far, or that good but managed one small stockie in 3 hours of fishing. When I returned to the banks there was a guy sitting down asking me how I did. Well I said not too good just managed 1 . I asked how come he wasn't fishing and he told me he prefers to nymph fish. It was a different kind of nymph fishing called Euro Nymphing. He was kind enough to show me some of the techniques and it was something that stuck with me. I realized that this guy was catching 8-10 fish and I mean nice 16 18 inch rainbows and was having a blast. Since then, I learned all I could( and still learning) about this system. This week I went back to the BK and took nice size fish every time I went out while Euro nymphing. While guys were standing waiting for the fish to rise in these famous pools, I was working the pocket water and fast runs pulling out 14 -16 inch Browns and Rainbows. By far the most fish I ever caught on this river.

There is some good advice given here on nymphing and I look back now wondering why I never looked into this type of fishing before. I'm not knocking dry fly fishing at all, but in my opinion learn this Euro type of nymphing, you will never look back.

Good Luck!

I keen to hear about your 'Euro nymphing' what is the technique? How is it different? thanks Phil